Doing business in Germany

Germany has been one of the strongest performing countries in Europe during a tough recession that has seen many major super powers of the European Union buckle under the pressure. With giants Spain and Italy showing signs of fragility, Germany continues to power on strongly.

If you’re looking to invest in Europe or set up a base in the region then there is no more stable option than Germany. Germany has some key things to consider before doing business there.

The company is very friendly toward overseas corporations with over 60,000 foreign companies already setup there.

The country has a strong and stable political environment with excellent infrastructure already in place that accommodates all types of industries. The good thing for companies is that Germany has been going through a period of lowering company taxes and the amount of tax payable is significantly lower than it was in 2008.

The country is also very compliant when it comes to IP. IP is strongly controlled there and corporations can feel comfortable that they are protected.

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Small business are more optimistic

Vistaprint have today said that believe that small business are looking more optimistic in 2013. The company conducts a quarterly survey of business and as part of this, gets a indication of how businesses out there are travelling. The aspects of businesses that the survey covers is their happiness, revenue and profit growth, customer growth and business investment. They then compared these values with what they gathered last year and found that overall sentiment had improved significantly.

The survey showed last year that most small business owners wanted to increase customers numbers as a number one priority. The survey this year revealed that 73 percent of those surveyed achieved their goal of increasing customer numbers.

Revenue was another big topic obviously with business owners looking to increase revenue this year. Over half of those surveyed reported that they also achieved this goal.

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The Apple iPhone 5

The Apple iPhone 5 has arrived and it looks like it will be another huge hit for Apple.

The device casing has been redesigned and is now longer and slimmer than the previous version. The iPhone 5 is now slimmer by 18% than the previous version. An impressive feature is that it is also 20% lighter going from 140 grams to 112 grams.

The materials used in the body of the device has also had a changed. It is now made of glass and aluminium and uses a similar material to notebooks.

The device is also now capable of working on 4G LTE networks in Australia which is something the iPad 3 was not able to do.

The camera has not received a bump in megapixels however the camera has been improved to shoot faster.

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Buying shoes online

There has been an explosion of online shopping in Australia over the past few years and the dominance of the online stores are starting to overtake that of the bricks and mortar stores. One of the key reasons why people have not really shopped online for clothing in the past is that is it quite difficult to pick a piece of clothing that fits you perfectly or looks how you expected it to look when you are buying online. In the past, this has meant that if you have got it wrong, you would end up having to keep it and deal with it or send it back at a cost which makes it annoying if you get the wrong one.

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Choosing the best foundation

One of the least mentioned parts of the make-up regime is the application of foundations. It is such a basic part of the markup process but can have a huge effect on the final outcome and your final makeup result.

The key to a successful foundation application is to pick the right foundation for your face. The first thing is to make sure that you understand if you have oily or dry skin. If you have oily skin then you should pick foundations that emphasize the fact that they are oil free. If you have dry skin on the other hand, then pick foundations that are hydrating.

If you have relatively nice even skin, then go for a light foundation. If you have uneven or blemished skin then consider a medium foundation.

When picking the color of your foundation, be sure to choose one which complements your skin colour.

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